STUDIO DIARY: Behind The Scenes Of Art Vs Science's New Album 'Big Overdrive'

5 August 2022 | 11:08 am | Emma Whines

To celebrate the release of their new album, 'Big Overdrive', indie-dance outfit Art Vs Science give us an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at their creative process.

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In the course of selecting the music for this long-awaited album, some of these rare sessions were uncovered, and the joy and fun embedded within were plain to hear. Of course, lots of love and expertise came from actual outside experts such as Kim Moyes (The Presets), Alex Gooden (Mix Engineer, SAFIA), Sam Ford (Tone City Records), Joe La Porta (Mastering, Sterling Sound), and Guy Davies (Mastering, Electric Mastering).

Deep in the vibe: Dan Mac and Jim Finn working it at Fed Energy Device Studio, Camperdown. Recording beds for DANCE. FED is an amazing bunker in the middle of the city with cozy notes of Swiss Log Cabin.

The Master and his Apprentice? Dan W giving his son a lesson in drumming. This electric drum kit was used to record How 2 Stay High. The feel was good on the take, and even though we only got a stereo two-track from it, we decided to keep it and massage it and make it good. (Perhaps we couldn’t be bothered trying to re-create the gold. It never works anyway.)

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Happy Birthday to me: Jim Finn helping Dan Mac celebrate his birthday. That tiny guitar has been all around the world and in nearly every music studio Art Vs Science has recorded in. Including the most echoey fire escape ever designed by a human in Ashfield.

Last minute changes to the set: Jim Finn (left) pitching some gold to Dan Mac (right) to include in that night’s set at the Brunswick Hotel, NSW. The Brunswick show was super fun. Too fun. Illegally fun. Nothing should be that fun.

Thinking hard or hardly thinkingDan Mac at a festival, probably Wine Machine. Actually, definitely Wine Machine, photo taken by Morgan Ferguson. Chris Murray, who runs Wine Machine, actually gave Art Vs Science their first or second gig ever (still hotly debated 1 or 2). He called Dan Mac and said, “Is Roger Explosion good for a set on Friday?” to which Dan Mac replied, “Roger Explosion’s bass player is away, but new band, Art Vs Science is available.” Chris: “Can you fill a 45-minute set?” Dan Mac: “Yes!” (lies). But not lies because Art Vs Science did do a 45-minute set that Friday night and it was great. The moral: always bluff people that you’re more capable than you are. Sometimes it works out well.