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Warming up for raptor-ous applause

23 April 2012 | 4:58 pm | Cassandra Fumi

Steve Philp takes his obsession with raptors to a whole new level

Raptoring might be the new planking. “I basically think that everyone should do a raptor impersonation at least once a day,” says Steve Philp. His new show, Rise Of The Raptor, is inspired by the Jurassic Park raptors. “It's based on when I was once sitting in the middle seat of an aeroplane and trying to eat,” explains Philp. “Basically, you should be given both the armrests to eat your meal otherwise you look like a raptor.”

In this Sydney Comedy Festival offering, Philip has “incorporated videos of people doing raptor impersonations anywhere you would not expect to see a raptor, such as McDonald's.” He explains. “The raptor has really taken off – I did some gigs on a cruise ship recently; a couple of nights later I was watching karaoke on the ship and this woman was singing,” he says. “Three guys who I didn't know ran up on stage and starting doing the raptor around this poor woman who was frightened for her life. Everyone then turned and looked at me.”