Stephen Wade

6 July 2012 | 9:05 am | Staff Writer

Business/Position: CEO Select Music

Name: Stephen Wade
Business/Position: CEO Select Music

How did you first become involved in the music business?

I started as a musician playing in bands and touring the country. I then decided to do my own bookings and it grew into a music company.

What do you perceive to be your area of expertise, and how did you gain experience in this field?

I have been lucky enough to have tried everything but I really enjoy being an agent and working with acts to maximise their live touring plans. My experience came from research and lots of phone calls and going to shows to see what works.

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What will you be primarily discussing during your appearance at the BIGSOUND conference?

A vast array of industry topics, with a particular slant on how bad the music industry is at regulating itself and educating the new players who are looking to establish careers in the industry.

What are you hoping that people will be able to learn from your panel/interview?

To challenge the perceptions that seem to have always existed in the industry and push to try and change them. And for existing established industry players to take more ownership of our industry and responsibility to keep it flourishing.

What are you expecting to take away yourself from your visit to BIGSOUND?

I love seeing the industry come together and share ideas, and debate existing ideals. I love seeing new acts as well so BIGSOUND is one of my favourite times of the year and something I look forward to.