The Top 30 Albums Of 2019 (So Far): Stella Donnelly – 'Beware Of The Dogs'

1 July 2019 | 1:43 pm | Hannah Story

'The Music' team on the albums you need to hear from 2019.

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"Beware Of The Dogs feels like the embodiment of a movement of young artists in Australia who are refusing to let this oppressive behaviour slide." – Belinda Quinn

What a debut from Perth's Stella Donnelly! She combines witty, intimate, hyperlocal songwriting – which more often than not takes down hierarchical power structures and toxic dudes, see opener Old Man – with slack, shoegazing guitar lines. 

There are subdued moments, like Mosquito, where her girlish vocals come to the fore, only for songs like the title track to build to a loud, impassioned – and funny – call-to-arms: "There’s no Parliament worthy of this countryside/All these pious fucks taking from the 99," she cries. Let ‘em have it, Stella. 

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