Batman Musical 'Turning Batty' In The Works

20 July 2012 | 4:15 pm | SPA Confidential

A Batman musical titled Turning Batty: The Dark Night Musical is in development.

Amidst all the hype and excitement of the new Batman film, SPA Confidential has learned that a musical adaptation of the hit franchise is currently in development, with an Australian-based director in line for the gig.

It is believed to be marketed as an "all-singing, all-dancing, all-batty affair" and will implement a number of ground-breaking technologies, according to memos sighted by

It is believed that the director, who SPA Confidential believe was previously connected to the on-the-drawing-board touring version of Working Dog's The Panel, intends to have a commercial-grade fully operational jet engine on stage for the entire musical. The jet engine, already centre of a row between unions when it was alleged it was a former Qantas engine found on a Sydney airport runway, will double as a prop for a mid-air set piece as well as providing sound effects for the batmobile.

A source close to the production said that while the jet is "Definitely spectacular, the cast are having a bit of an issue hearing their cues over the noise. Also, we have melted some seats in the dress circle. But the director is determined, he wants this to be as good as Spiderman."

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A number of prominent rock vocalists are believed to have auditioned for the lead roles, but the producers are expected to host a reality TV show. Set to air during prime time on one of the TV shopping networks, Kamahl is in line to coach and judge the competitors.

Roles that do appear to be confirmed are the leggy Rhonda Burchmore and Anthony Warlow as Bruce Wayne's parents, while Heath Ledger is set to play The Joker as a hologram.