More Artists Arrested By Putin In Russia

17 August 2012 | 2:44 pm | SPA Confidential

Two 'actors' have been arrested in Russia in what they're saying is an act of political oppression - just like Pussy Riot.

Russian authorities are coming under attack from theatre supporters around the world after they arrested a touring Puppetry Of The Penis show, which commentators are linking to the controversial trial of political punk rock band Pussy Riot.

The duo - Tom Brabham and Richard Ball - are calling for the international arts community to support their case for freedom after their arrest earlier in the week.

According to a statement sent to media today, Brabham and Ball claim that they were arrested while rehearsing for a Puppetry Of The Penis show - which they say they are touring through the country - in an act of political and cultural oppression.

"We are definitely actors and this is definitely an act of oppression. We just want to be able to perform our art. We are standing up for ordinary Russians who are living under the first of Vladamir Putin," they said. "Just like Pussy Riot, we want to have our voices and our art heard - tell the world!"

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SPA Confidential had an exclusive look at the Russian police reports, which claim they Brabham and Ball were arrested in a church in downtown Moscow. The report claims that the two were found sitting next to each other in the fourth pew, naked from the waist down and performing for each other.

They were discovered by the local priest, who reported them to police after closely monitoring their activities for an hour.

Prolific blogger Kermit Willingham III said today, "This is a blatant example of Putin's fascist dictatorship. I'll going to blow this - and Putin - right out of the water."

A spokesperson from Puppetry Of The Penis said the duo were engaged in an unauthorised reimaging of their work.