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Somber Hills' Favourite Australian Music For A Long-haul Flight

26 May 2023 | 3:26 pm | Mary Varvaris
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To celebrate his new music, Somber Hills has revealed a playlist of his favourite music coming out of Australia to accompany you on your next long-haul flight.

Photo of Somber Hills

Photo of Somber Hills (Credit: Billy Zammit)

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New Zealand-born, Sydney-based Somber Hills (Lukas Martin) is our answer to nothing,nowhere. or even Linkin Park. Fusing rap and rock music with high production values, Martin is all about bringing energy and unpredictability to music, particularly on his latest single, Guilt.

With influences as broad as Paramore to Radiohead to Travis Scott, Somber Hills manages to blend every musical inspiration he’s ever had into punchy alt-rap/rock songs that make you want to move.

Whether in angst or in ecstasy, the result is undeniable - Somber Hills’ music is made to connect people, whether it’s in a pit moshing or at a house party, dancing under a haze of smoke. With his forthcoming music, expect all this and more - moments of 100 gecs-esque hyperpop, and waves of his often dark lyricism buoyed with punchy blink-182 brattiness.

To celebrate Guilt and more upcoming music, Somber Hills has revealed a playlist of his favourite music coming out of Australia to accompany you on your next long-haul flight.

1. "Skin Deep" by Daine - This song has main character vibes and it's mad fun, definitely a good way to start the journey and a great intro to Daine's discography. 

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2. "Woah" by phi11a - The nostalgic feel of this track is perfect for moving past the emotions of leaving home (if that's what’s happening) and the switch-ups between verse to hook should make for a few listens to pass time. 

3. "Blur" by bazio - This song feels like a journey in itself. This song will definitely throw you into a look out the window and think, kind of trance. I love how bro doesn’t subscribe to “rules” as such and just lets the music do its thing. 

4. "Wasted" by Besties ft. Yen Strange - Besties are everything you need to scratch the cross-over itch, pop punk meets kind of modern hip hop? Getting besties hooks stuck in your head may or may not help with the duration of the flight though. 

5. "Your Funeral" by MAY-A - This track is so easy to have on repeat, it will help you kill time and make the hours fly by plus the drums smack so hard. 

6. “OKAY” by heart eyes - this is the kind of song you put your hoodie on and sip hella whatever complimentary drinks they serve to lmao. 

7. “Reel” by Lora - Even though Joe Mason makes whatever song he produces bounce, Lora's voice will serve as your turbulence song - soothing vibes. 

8. “Como” by Bryce Bishop - This song feels like a coming of age movie, I think this is the kind of song you can romanticize your trip too. 

9. “Nevermind” by Between You And Me – Wherever you're traveling, if you need summer vibes, just run this song on max volume. BYAM are just so freakin good. 

10.“YDS” by Somber Hills - Shameless plug but if you need some fuck it energy before hitting.

You can listen to Somber Hills’ long-haul playlist below.