Six Pack: Carl Fox

5 December 2012 | 6:20 am | Tony McMahon

Perth indie poptronica maestro Carl Fox is touring nationwide to promote his cracking new EP, King.

“Hello Brisbane! I think the new songs are a continuation in some ways and a departure in others,” says Fox, contemplating where this record fits in with his body of work generally. “The new music is a departure from my previous work in that the production is much more developed and considered. The themes are also a little darker. The last album was about rainbows, toys and sunny days, while this record is more about mortality and street fighting. Don't be scared... they are still fun. Having said that, I feel there is a minimalism which has carried over from the last album – nice melodies and simple beats.”

What's more, Fox is hitting the road with a full six-piece band in tow. Like any good rock'n'roll road trip, there's going to be some good times ahead.

“Oh man we have fun! There are six of us, which makes our posse a group of eight including our manager and Jimmy the soundman. Luckily everyone in the group are very good friends and we all share the same shitty sense of humour. I'm really looking forward to coming over to your side of the country and introducing you to my friends. We've all been waiting to take off and tour again so our excitement levels are extreme at the moment. Dave is like the puppy dog of the band. He's been so excited that he's wet his pants a few times.”

Finally, it seems that a Carl Fox live show involves lots of surprises and the odd change of underwear. “We'll be giving away some free things. I'll be wearing a singlet which I bought from a women's clothing store. We'll probably play for a little longer than what we're supposed to and Dave will have wet pants.”

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