Single Story: The Disappointed

3 May 2012 | 11:36 am | Staff Writer

Releasing their latest single Dirt Farmer this weekend, The Disappointed's Michael Strong gives us the story behind the track.

Dirt Farmer is a paranoid rant from a confused brain, set to a new wave groove. I was really inspired by returning to the more collaborative songwriting style with The Disappointed, and also really excited to get back to doing edgier, more rock and pop-orientated work. We clocked in a lot of hours tinkering with Dirt Farmer (as well as the rest of the set) to make it as close to perfect as possible, both in the writing and the recording processes. There's so much excitement in the band right now, we're all just ready to push as hard as we can and really get shit done. It's different for all of us to be starting a project out running, releasing a single pretty much instantly and having a set rehearsed and tight. For all my former bands, I feel like the content was there but the execution was maybe a little weak. That's not the case with The Disappointed. The execution here is paramount. It feels like a coming of age, like everything we've done individually in the past was all leading up to this band and this moment. That's a really exciting feeling to be carrying around, and I think the crowd can feel that when we're playing. The Perth scene is ridiculously high class right now, and it just feels like an honour for me to be a part of it. We recorded the track with Al Smith at Bergerk late in 2011. We've got a run of WA shows on top of the launch to get the single out there, and then we've got some great supports (including Dexter Jones and Emperors) and heaps more shows in the months that follow. The film clip for Dirt Farmer is well on its way and should be ready in time for the launch. We'll be back in the studio to do a follow-up single in a couple of months time. In the mean time, we've got a remix competition happening for Dirt Farmer right now, entries are still open for that.

WHAT: Dirt Farmer (Independent)

WHEN & WHERE: Saturday 19 May, YaYa's, Northbridge