Single Story: Honeywheeler

26 April 2012 | 5:58 pm | Staff Writer

I wrote this song in my old apartment in the projects (the dodgy side of Maylands). It's one of the first songs I've written in first person that isn't from my perspective, as if I'm telling a story or taking on a role.

Basically it's about obsessive love. It uses imagery of metaphorical self-harm as a means to gain the attention of the song's subject. The girl (in the song) is telling of her intentions to cut herself, bleed out, and break her own heart, all for another's affections, but at the same time acknowledging that she's never going to have those affections and is going to have to find someone else who will pick up the pieces. It's a catchy little song, but it's actually quite dark and twisted, definitely not a love song you'd want to base your own relationships on!

It's a great first single because it really does contain everything our sound is: dirty guitars, lots of layers, really old-school heavy alternative rock. It's the first track from our debut EP You're Going Down For This, which was recorded with Al Smith at Bergerk and is due for release later in the year. We're releasing Another at the Rosie with The Dark Woods, The Cabarets and The Disappointed.

Honeywheeler's Angel Love play Rosemount Hotel, North Perth Friday 27 April.

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