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SINGLE PREMIERE: True Vibenation - 'More Than You'll Ever Know' (Feat. A.GIRL)

10 February 2021 | 9:08 am | Neil Griffiths

"This song was written as a soul classic for right now."

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African-Australian afrobeat and hip hop outfit True Vibenation have teamed with Western Sydney singer A.GIRL for a brand new soul hit, which is premiering today on!

"This song was written as a soul classic for right now, an uplifting jam for anyone who sees the value of love beyond material possessions," the Sydney trio told The Music.

"We felt that it’s a good time to release some music to celebrate the beautiful things in life and to sew the seeds of healing!”

On collaborating with A.GIRL, True Vibenation said, "It was awesome working with A.GIRL and man can she sing!

"We were stacking soul vocal harmonies and horn harmonies like nobody's business. The writing came really naturally as the hook really speaks for itself - what matters most is never material, and we can never express enough in words how we feel about the people in our lives we care about.”

The collaboration began in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, with A.GIRL saying "We met and vibed so it was super chill and easy".

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"After a few hours More Than You'll Ever Know popped out and we were all diggin' it," she said.

"We all share a love of reggae and had no idea this impromptu writing session would turn into a release but here we are!

"Can't wait to see who this connects with."

The new track comes just weeks after True Vibenation's single with Haiku Hands, Squat, cracked one million streams.

They'll next perform this weekend at The Lansdowne in Sydney. Check out theGuide for more details.