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SINGLE PREMIERE: St Christoph & Shaade - 'Callin''

30 July 2020 | 9:13 am | Jessica Dale

"It's a celebration of where I think everyone wants to be."

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St Christoph & Shaade are back with their latest single premiering with The Music today.

The Sydney duo dropped their debut single, California, in May and are back with their new one, Callin'.

"Callin’ to us is about making feel-good music. Chris was heavy in beat making mode when he put this one together," Shaade told The Music.

"When I heard it, it was kind of an instant vibe and something that we worked up pretty quickly, which all the good ones are.

"First thing we started with was the hook. Chris was actually singing the melodies of the hook in his studio already. As soon as I heard it, I'm like, 'That kind of needs a gospel type Rag'n'Bone Man voice on it'. I made a call and half an hour later we had the hook laid down. 

"Verse/topic wise, the song is talking about what would happen when we 'make it' and how that would feel - visualising all those things. Soon as I wrote the first line, 'Fur coat in the summertime' that pretty much laid the vibe and the mood for the whole track. It was instant from there. It's fun. It's a celebration of where I think everyone wants to be. You wanna hear people call your name, you wanna get your money right and when that time comes you’re ready."

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Check out Callin' above and find out more about St Christoph & Shaade here.