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PREMIERE: Perth’s Sly Withers Deliver Big Hooks With New Single

10 October 2017 | 3:19 pm | Staff Writer

'Google Maps' is an instant winner.

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The third single from Sly Withers’ upcoming sophomore record is fun, catchy and upbeat, but behind its big hooks is a deeper message.

“The track is about having that person in your life who keeps you going when shit gets rough,” Sam Blitvich, co-frontman for the Perth based indie rock outfit, tells The Music of Google Maps.

“For all my struggles with my rocky mental health, I’m really lucky to have a super supportive partner who is the reason I can keep my head above water a lot of the time.”

While it definitely draws influence from the likes The Hard Aches, Hockey Dad, Muncie Girls and more – all of which they’ve supported in recent months – Sly Wither have found their own groove, which makes the prospect of a new full-length all the more enticing.

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Google Maps gets a hometown launch this Friday, October 13, at The Bird.

Check out theGuide for all the info.