SINGLE PREMIERE: Roz Pappalardo - 'Life's Like That'

28 January 2021 | 9:44 am | Neil Griffiths

"Life's like that... you've got to be brave."

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Aussie singer Roz Pappalardo is today premiering Life's Like That - the third single from her forthcoming album, Won't Be Quiet - right here on!

The Cairns-based songwriter has described the new track as "a nod to resilience, rolling up your sleeves, digging in for the long haul and inspirational people who do it all the time".

"Being an artist in any genre, is not for the faint hearted," Pappalardo told The Music.

"It can be expensive, you can attract people who aren't there to support you when they say they do, it can be a bit of a cruel journey at times.

"The other side of the coin is the community and family you are exposed to and become entwined with when you do completely commit to this world and this life. 

"In my view, taking on this lifestyle requires bravery, the ability to walk into the fire time and time again, and come out of the other side a little changed, a little renewed, with a slightly angled perspective. That's the beauty of our industry and our creative world, forever changing and new. You find your tribe and your place.

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"Life's like that... you've got to be brave."

Won't Be Quiet is set for release in the coming months.