Single Focus: Koral & The Goodbye Horses

23 March 2016 | 4:19 pm | Staff Writer

Answered by: Koral 
Single title? Little Sister
What's the song about?: The song is my reaction to finding out about abuse which had been happening in my home as a child.
How long did it take to write/record?: It took me the same amount of time to write as it did to play through once. It was playing it live and recording it that took years due to the painful subject matter.  
Is this track from a forthcoming release/existing release? This track is the second single from our debut EP - Nocturnes.
What was inspiring you during the song's writing and recording? Too many people are intimately familiar with this. It's a special thing to connect with them and let them know that thy are not alone. What inspired me? All the people who have been hurt.
We'll like this song if we like... The ultimate catharsis.
Do you play it differently live? Depending on the crowd and how they connect with the song, it can be a thoroughly different experience each time we play it. It's normally pretty emotionally volatile, though.
When and where is your launch/next gig? We're hitting the road with Max Savage & The False Idols in April. April 2 we play Silver Raven with Jason Isbell and mates Bad//Dreems.