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Have You Heard - Sarah Bird

24 April 2012 | 11:22 am | Staff Writer

Sarah Bird is getting recognised on trains these days.

Your music is…? 
Indie pop.

Which acts inspired you to produce your own music and why?
It's hard to really pinpoint specific acts that have inspired me because I listen to such a wide range of music, but one act I have always been inspired by is John Butler.

Why should we come and see you?
I think that to really experience my music you need to see me in my element and take in all that I do on stage. My music is a good mix of energy and honesty that people will hopefully feel inspired by.

How do you find the local live scene?
I feel lucky to have met people out there who host live and local shows purely for the love of music. This Saturday I am playing at an underground music festival called 24, which has been organised by one of the headlining acts, Red Fire Red, to showcase artists like me who are essentially managing themselves and just want to reach out to a new audience.

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What's your greatest rock'n'roll moment?
I was pretty stoked when I was asked to play on the TV premier of Planet unEarth on the Aurora channel in Melbourne last year. But a more sentimental moment that sticks in my mind is when I was sitting on a train to Newtown recently. A guy who I had never seen before came up to me and asked “Hey are you Sarah Bird?” And after replying yes, he went on to say “I saw you play at a show a few months back and loved that song…” and even began singing my lyrics to me! I couldn't believe it. It really made my day.

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