Sammy J And Randy's Guide To The Garden Of Unearthly Delights

9 February 2016 | 3:27 pm | Sammy JRandy

"Don't panic, Sammy J & Randy are here."


There's a lot of super high quality comedy shows in the festival this year, and we could list a whole bunch of comedians that you should see (several of them are definitely reading this hoping we will plug their show), but it's probably best if you just head straight to and purchase several tickets to see Sammy J & Randy Land.


People often avoid cabaret because it conjures images of theatre-restaurant-style Peter Allen tribute shows where camp men in enormous shirt sleeves sing duets with women in sequined cocktail dresses sprawled across grand pianos in uncomfortably small venues. And to be fair, it's mostly like that. But there's also a massive pool of musical talent in the festival and if shows like Puddles Pity Party and Velvet don't motivate you off the couch, there's little we can do for you. If you prefer to do the singing yourself go to Massaoke — it's karaoke en masse.

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If you've never seen a dance piece before, Adelaide Fringe can be the perfect introduction to this oft-times underrated form of artistic expression. We were in a dance piece once. We writhed around in an alleyway off Rundle Street inside lycra sacks for 45 minutes. Sammy J had to have a knee reconstruction. This year, Untapped is worth a look as we're pretty sure it's the only dance show in the Garden.


See it all. Seriously. It might not be the best circus show you've ever seen but the people in it spend the majority of their lives practicing really hard tricks that you'll never have the self-discipline to master yourself, so show them some respect and buy a freakin' ticket. If you need convincing, go see Circus Trick Tease.


This is a category for all the socially inept losers that aren't good enough to carry a show without resorting to cheap gimmicks and childish theatrical conventions. With the notable exception of Bunk Puppets' new show Tink Tank. It's actually pretty good…

Visual Art

Often overlooked by Mr and Mrs General Public, this category is one that deserves your attention. Visual artists isolate themselves for months at a time obsessing over the intricacies of their chosen medium and the very least you can do is wander politely through their exhibition making little positive noises through your nose and respecting their choice to avoid getting an actual job.