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Run For Cover: Head Music.

4 November 2002 | 1:00 am | Bianca Valentino
Originally Appeared In

Cover’s Banned.

Run For Cover play the Gabba Hotel on Friday and all ages at the same venue Sunday afternoon.

“Run For Cover just started as an excuse to drink two years ago and we drank solidly for six months all the while playing the same two songs,” guitarist Jamie candidly recalls. “Then we thought 'hey we might be able to write a couple more, maybe four songs' then we had our first show November 25, 2000. We played four songs then went back and got pissed for Luke's birthday. Then we thought 'fuck, we may as well make a proper go of it' so now we've been playing the same four song for the last two years.”

“We went in to record and we hadn't practiced for a month and it was an absolute shambles so we've rescheduled until January. We should have our Fucked In The Head demo with us though.”

I heard that you guys will actually be a man down this tour?

“Todd our drummer is a tattoo artist and summer is there busiest time so he has to work and can't get time off, so Carl No Idea will be drumming for us.”

Seeing as Run For Cover are from Wollongong; what's the scene like down there scene, is there even one?

“When we first started out there wasn't too many bands but in the last couple of years kids have really been getting into bands. All the young kids are starting their own bands. There use to be gigs Friday, Saturday, Sunday but slowly but surely the venues started making themselves uptown and putting in poker machines and not being puns anymore, but being 'family' hotels. The only place we can play is the Youth Centre 'cause we're banned from the Oxford.”

How come?

“The good old Oxford story... we had only started playing shows, we had seven songs at this point and we were really drunk and DD was running up and down the tables playing guitar solos, Luke had his cordless mic and was doing laps of the pub and he knocked a few people over. It was actually around the time when a couple of punk kids killed a hippy. They were going to ban all punks from the Oxford from then on 'cause the Oxford got a bad name through the papers. And after every song I abused the manager of the Oxford. We played 12 minutes got four warnings so we're never able to play there again.”