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Rory Faithfield: Dublin Up.

3 February 2003 | 1:00 am | Deb Morrice
Originally Appeared In

Gotta Have Faith.

Rory Faithfield plays The Healer on Wednesday and the Railway Hotel, Byron Bay on February 4.

As alternative adult artist Rory Faithfield enters your experience so too will the spiritual and emotional elements of song. Rory is content to make the exchange during a stripped down acoustic show, but it hasn’t always been that way.

Just over a decade ago the post-punk influenced Aussie lad disillusioned by some of the aspects of Sydney music life suddenly grabbed his guitar and headed to the UK, then on to Dublin.

It was in Ireland’s city of song Rory found his true voice and in doing so naturally discovered the spirit of his lyrics, “It’s about song and it’s about process,” says Faithfield. “The song as a true part of a culture to evolve, it is about a communication process like I am taking in the world and I am communicating it back. Then I go looking and I take in a lot of communication as well and it’s conversational, my interaction with the world is conversational.”

Faithfield continues to explain his journey, “I just focussed on writing songs, I wasn’t singing at the time I was more a guitarist. I got really frustrated that I couldn’t sing so I literally just beat myself around the head until I did managed to sing and then when I found my voice I literally just went for the baptism of fire route. I literally just stumbled playing in a singer/songwriter scene over there and it was a fantastic time because I witnessed so many great performers, whether it be Luka Bloom or even Chrissy Moore, I literally witnessed these guys in close proximity evolving around Dublin.”

“An offer came up to do a tour of Germany”, adds Rory, “filling in for a Trad Irish band, so I just had to wing it. I was like mixing up my own songs and built up a network of places to play and during that period. I literally just evolved all my songs in an environment, where I could be anonymous.”

In 1998 Rory’s debut album materialised and now his second album project Blood, Bones & Soul is due for release. He is armed with heaps of material for his homecoming tour. The lyrics are beautiful and they take the pilgrim on a sincere journey. Faithfield’s journey; Rory Faithfield song writing ability is profound. He will expose the heart of song to you.