Richard Moffat

6 July 2012 | 9:01 am | Staff Writer

Business/Position: Band booker

Name: Richard Moffat
Business/Position: Band booker

How did you first become involved in the music business?

Via the magic of writing dodgy songs and not getting booked, and being frustrated enough to learn the process.

What do you perceive to be your area of expertise, and how did you gain experience in this field? 

Am no expert!  Anybody who says they are is an idiot… always make up life as you go along. Nothing is static and everything evolves in a fascinating way.

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What will you be primarily discussing during your appearance at the BIGSOUND conference? 

The live scene… people love getting off their couch and I am grateful for it.

What are you hoping that people will be able to learn from your panel/interview? 

Hard work is rewarded… great songs speak to the world these days….no middlemen necessary and no gatekeepers relevant

What are you expecting to take away yourself from your visit to BIGSOUND? 

The Queensland sun.  I grew up in Bundaberg, and always nice to be back in a place where I can say 'togs' and 'tuckshop' and people know what I mean.