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24 December 2010 | 9:47 pm | Staff Writer
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Sydney Metal upstarts Resist The Thought have been laying waste to the Australian countryside with their well recieved Damnation release.  We catch up with guitarist Aaron to talk about their upcoming tour and extreme tour drivers.

Sydney Metal upstarts Resist The Thought have been laying waste to the Australian countryside with their well recieved Damnation release.  We catch up with guitarist Aaron to talk about their upcoming tour and extreme tour drivers.

Could you please state your name, role in resist the thought and favourite meal from the mighty KFC restaurant?

The name's Tim Aaron. I am the guitarist of Resist The Thought. Favourite meal from KFC would be the ultimate meal, with a twister and piece of original chicken.

To the unexperienced punter explain what your band sounds like and where you draw the majority of your influences from?

We sound like an angry metal band that occasionally throws in a breakdown. Alot of our influences come from bands such as The Black Dahlia Murder, Whitechapel, All Shall Perish.

You have just announced your summer tour with Buried in Verona which is due to hit basically every town in Australia including regional areas. How are you feeling heading in towards such a massive run of dates?

Fucking awesome. It feels like its been so long since we could actually tour properly, being without a drummer in for a few months in 2010. Now we have Conor on board, 2011 is the year for us to smash out touring. We got some plans.

The tour is called “I Wanna Give It”. Could you please explain the relevance of the artwork on the tour flier to the name? Who came up with such a brilliant concept haha

Alot of people dont get it at first, I know i didnt haha. Say it out loud- 'I Wanna Give It Tour'. We thought it was a cool play on words so we ran with it. We thought about it and we cant have a creepy tour name without a creepy flyer- so for those who havent seen it, its pretty much some creepy dude trying to grab a hot chick. Pretty sure Chris from BIV came up with that one.

(If you still dont get the tour name pronounce 'tour' as 'to her')

Since Damnation hit it seems you guys have been consistently destroying every part of our country. What have been some highlights for the band over the past year?

The highlight of 2010 was the touring. We are a band that is better recieved live, our favourite thing to do is too play a show. Whats better then to chill in a van with your best mates, playing a show each night and not having to deal with the daily grind? Its fucking great.

You have recently tapped Tim Lambesis (Impending Doom, As I Lay Dying, Winds of Plague) in America to record your latest material. How did you tap Tim and when can we expect to hear the new songs?

Yeah man. We spent a fair amount of time last early this month recording one brand new song. Reason being is that we wanted to get our new material out there before we embarked on the tour, to keep things fresh and show fans that we havent been sitting around playing with our dicks. Also, its the first thing we have recorded with our new drummer Conor Ward, so we want people to hear the intensity he brings into the band.

We recorded it at two different studios with three different engineers, and have never spent so much time on one song in terms of writing/recording/producing. Its now in the hands of Daniel Castleman, from Lambesis Studios getting mixed and mastered- we emailed him and they checked out our stuff and were stoked to work with us.

Tell us about Wayne the creepy van driver? He was actually the person who slung me your CD.

Fuck man, what can i say about Wayno. For those who dont know him, he does driving/roadie work for us on tour. He is about 100 years old and I think he lives in a cave. We met him at the Acacia Strain show we played and he pretty much offered to drive us around on tour in his creepy 20 seater van so we went with it.

There was one incident where he threatened to stab our mate through the chest with a screwdriver for pissing out of the van window- yeah he actually went to the van and pulled out a screwdriver. He went pretty nuts haha.

I could tell you about 100 stories about him, but i dont know what i can tell you that wont send him to jail, so ill leave it at that.

Conor Ward recently joined the band on drums. How did you come across such a strapping beared man and convince him to become a part of RTT?

Man we have known Conor for ages. Back in the day, us and his old band Bermuda (at the time they were called Knife To A Gunfight) were the two main bands playing around Campbelltown in crappy youth centres. The scene was so small then that everyone just knew each other- thats how it was.

In August of this year, Jake decided he was over it so we had Conor as a replacement until we found a perminant. We tried out a few drummers who we just werent feeling at all, honestly it was the most frustrating time in the band. One day we just hit him up and basically said your the man for the job, do you want in and he did. So now we have the bearded beast on drums.

At what point do you think it’s time for an Australian band to make the jump overseas? Europe or America first?

The Australian metal scene, sad to say, is way too inconsistant for any band to be based here. For bands like us who work as hard as we do and sometimes bear no reward, it sucks. I think Australia is a great place to tour, and get your shit together, but for us the jump overseas is the next point.

I would aim to hit Europe first, because what Ive heard America can be very hard to enter as a touring musician. Plus we have more fans in Europe.

3 Essential records to take in the tour van?

Blink 182, Eminem, Steel Panther

What does 2011 hold in store for Resist the Thought?

We got the 'I Wanna Give It Tour' throughout January/February which will take us to every state in AUS (except NT and TAS), we have also got another AUS tour in the works for March/April.

We have been in talks with international booking agents that are keen to bring us to their country in mid 2011, but im not droppin anything until its 100% confirmed.

Rural or Capital city shows?

Without a doubt a good rural show is better than a good city show.

Trapped on an Island, who’s the first member in the band to suggest cannibalism?

Probably me.

Any bands that have recently turned you head that we should know about?

Yeah there is this one band called Resist The Thought. Check em out

Thanks for your time mate, any final words of wisdom and people to thank?

The people who come to our shows, sing our words, get as angry as we do and feel the feeling we do when we play. If it werent for them we be dickheads pulling stupid faces on stage.