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Record Store Day Focus: Record Paradise

20 April 2017 | 12:00 pm | Artist Submission

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Answered by: Renae Maxwell (Owner/operator)

What does your store specialise in? At Record Paradise, we buy and sell new and recycled records. We stock a huge selection of local vinyl, cassettes and CDs.

What's on high rotation on the store stereo at the moment and why? RVG's A Quality Of Mercy and Orion's Self-Titled. They both have a dark humour and intensity.

What does a record store offer that clicking or tapping a button can't? A record store offers a tactile experience. You can see the albums displayed and meet other music lovers.

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Despite declines in other areas of the industry, vinyl is seeing an increase in sales. Why do you think that is? I think the increase in vinyl sales stemmed from underground music makers connecting with small audiences. Online sales saw an increase in price and demand for collectible classic albums and the major labels who own the copyright are now cashing in on this trend.

What's been your favourite find in a record store? Hunky Dory — David Bowie, NZ press with flipped back cover.

What's the holy grail of vinyl that everyone wants but no one can gets their hands on? Still Rowland S Howard, Teenage Snuff Film. We also thought The Go-Betweens' box set was great but would like to see some reissue LPs. Perhaps we should ask the Record Store Day ambassador?

What are some suggested purchases we should drop by your store for? We'll have loads of Record Store Day limited releases, tones of local vinyl and would suggest you buy something old, something shiny new and something local!

What makes instore appearances rather special? An in-store is more like playing in someone's lounge room. It is intimate, on the same level, all ages, free and usually celebrating something special!

What have you got planned on Record Store Day? Record Paradise is planning a huge party, with Record Store Day releases, local limited releases, lucky 7" dip, Paradise Bar, DJs, merch and good vibes.

Address: 15 Union Street, Brunswick

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