The Top 30 Albums Of 2020 (So Far): Primo! - 'Sogni'

1 July 2020 | 2:31 pm | Mark Neilsen

'The Music' team on the albums you need to hear from 2020.

More Primo! More Primo!

"Continuing the minimal DIY approach of their debut, Amici, Primo! take coarse textures and contrasting elements and arrange them with easy precision."Sam Wall

Sogni (translation: dreams) reflects on themes of decision-making, change, time, heartbreak and the practicalities of work and daily life. Primo!'s music is a study of duality, weaving through these themes with a delivery that is punctuated by post-punk sensibilities, upbeat jangle and unexpected electronic flourishes. 

This album saw the addition of Amy Hill on bass and the new bottom end locks in with the guitars, adding extra punch to their tracks. 

From the haunting opener Things To Do through to the hazy end of Reverie, the album runs at a languid and fluid pace, yet the dozen songs present come in at under half an hour. Highlight is the catchy yet dreamy Machine, with its urgent refrain.

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