Premiere: Windwaker's New Single, 'Castaway'

2 November 2016 | 8:41 am | Alex Sievers
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Melbourne's Windwaker, in conjunction with us here at, are today releasing their solid new single, 'Castaway'.

Melbourne's Windwaker, in conjunction with us here at, are today releasing their solid new single 'Castaway'.

The four-piece metalcore band was originally founded in November 2014 over in Wagga Wagga, NSW (God, I love the names of some Australian towns) with the original intent being to be a pop rock project (ha) with Will King on vocals, guitarist Jesse Holt, Indey Salvestro on the four-string rumble, and Chris Lalic behind the drums. But not long after forming, the group then relocated from the country area of Wagga Wagga to Melbourne, Victoria in 2015. Good move.

Now, along with this new track comes a stark and striking music video to boot. The video for 'Castaway' helps explore the song's theme of one's fear of getting older, on not fulfilling your dreams, your goals and on leading a life without meaning or any purpose. Basically, it's just one of those topics that if you think too long and hard about, you will probably want to swallow a bullet or two. Or at the very least, go put on a record by Have A Nice Life or The Antlers and just stare up at the ceiling for the whole time.

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Anyway! The music video for 'Castaway' was filmed at The White Space in Fitzroy, Melbourne and it was brought to life by cinematographer/editor Jordan Tan. (Full disclosure here, Jordan Tan is also one of our regular photographers for our live gig reviews). The film clip features actor Andrew Rance (that's Andrew Rance and not Alex Rance, the Richmond ALF player) as well as Windwaker vocalist, Will King.

Recorded in September at the STL Studios, the track was produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Sonny Truelove and additional engineering came from Evan Lee. 'Castaway' is Windwaker's first "studio produced" track (read: doesn't sound like utter shit) and it will be a part of their upcoming debut EP, which was also recorded at STL Studios.

Also, the band does get bonus points from me for the supposed Zelda reference in their moniker. But seriously, Majora's Mask or Ocarina Of Time or GTFO!

Windwaker will be launching this new single on Thursday, November 10th at Your Local (a club night featured at The Irish in Knox), with supports from Winfield and Xure, and entry is $10 all night. Doors are at 8pm.

Promo credit: Jordan Tan Photography