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Premiere: Wildheart Re-Introduce Themselves With 'We Are'

19 July 2018 | 9:13 am | Alex Sievers
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Ladies & gentleman, please kindly introduce yourselves to Brisbane's Wildheart.

Ladies & gentleman, kindly introduce yourselves to WildHeart. 

Brisbane's Wildheart released their debut EP, 'A Thousand Days', back in March 2015, which was followed up by a two-track release entitled 'Above/Below' in August 2016. Despite these two nifty releases, they've flown pretty low on most people's radars nationally I'd say. That is, hopefully, until now. After taking much of 2017 off, the Australian quintet are hitting the rest of 2018 hard; now kitted out with new material and more lyrical conviction than ever before.

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Releasing on Friday, August 31st, Wildheart today give us the first taste of their second EP, entitled 'We Are'. This new release's first single, the EP's massive eponymous song, is an uplifting and hopeful metalcore/melodic hardcore anthem full of spacious melodies, passionate vocals, and aggressive riffs. It serves not only as a fresher, larger re-introduction to the sound and intent of Wildheart's music but also their lyrical passions as well; taking aim at the humanity both behind and in front of the world's deepest suffering. Whether it's physical, mental, emotional, economic or political strife and devastation, it's all apart of our bleak world nonetheless and the wider human condition too. It's gloomy stuff, for sure, but for these Queenslanders, it's something that clearly means a lot to them in their art.

So go say hello to the new and improved sounding Wildheart below: