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PREMIERE: The Comfort - 'Love Is A Dying Plant'

5 May 2022 | 8:00 pm | Lili Jean Berry
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Kill Your Stereo are bringing you the premiere of 'Love Is A Dying Plant' by The Comfort.

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Brisbane alternative rock band The Comfort have reemerged after three years with their impassioned new single "Love Is A Dying Plant" out tomorrow via Greyscale Records. We have just had the first play via The Faction & now you can listen back early at the link below!

"Love Is A Dying Plant" is the musical manifestation of the final dying moments of a relationship. It’s the sadness, the bitterness, the anger, but also the relief. It’s about the arguments had internally because they’re not worth having out loud. It’s about the frustration of not feeling good enough and the disappointment that someone stopped trying to be their best self. Ultimately it’s about accepting the end, long before it's over.

"As I wrote this over several months, it morphed and twisted as my emotions changed from each time I was writing," explains vocalist and bassist Dominic Harper. "The old version was lighter, more sombre and ultimately painted the story with calmness and resignation. I think ‘Love Is A Dying Plant’ still has those tones of calmness, but all the other emotions that went into writing these lyrics really hit hard with the heavier music and grittier vocal delivery. It’s probably my favourite vocal performance on any track we’ve ever released. I think it really sums up all of the mixed emotions you deal with when ending a relationship without the need for disrespect."

Watch the video & listen to the track HERE:

Love Is A Dying Plant is out tomorrow, Friday, May 6th & you can pre-save HERE.

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