PREMIERE: Silent Feature Era - House Of Thieves

23 October 2015 | 10:58 am | Staff Writer

Brisbane outfit Silent Feature Era may seem something of an unknown quantity but, truth be told, the band's members have been stalwart fixtures of the Brisbane scene for years, having come together from the rosters of esteemed local acts such as Speedstar and Machine Age to release their debut album This Old Leather Heart back in 2012.

Things went a little quiet following the record's release, despite a handful of QMA nominations and airplay support to its name, but the band have broken the silence with aplomb via new single — and first taste of their forthcoming second studio full-length — House Of Thieves.

The single is an eclectic mix of aural and thematic influences, its lyrical leanings recalling eras long past while swirls of guitar, synth, organ and electronics punctuate the soundscape. It's a fine return showing indeed, and should serve to get you nice and interested as the band undoubtedly start popping up with greater frequency on the ultimate road to LP #2.

House Of Thieves is released officially today, 23 October; you can grab it on iTunes now.

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