STREAM PREMIERE: Roland Tings - 'Being There'

1 November 2019 | 10:24 am | Neil Griffiths

"'Being There' came about very quickly."

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Ahead of next week's release of his second studio album, Salt Water, Aussie producer Roland Tings is giving his fans one more teaser with new cut, Being There, premiering on today!

"Being There came about very quickly," the Melbourne songwriter said.

"I had been working on a different track all day which was going nowhere. I decided to finish up for the day, but before i did i recorded a very quick couple of synth sounds with my favourite synth which had just returned from being repaired.

"I never thought much of it until i was putting together things to send to my drummer & collaborator Ryan. I sent him this and he immediately jumped at it, recorded the drums and send it back. I feel like it really captures the vibe for my LP, Salt Waterwarm drums with dreamy synths.

"To me it really calls to mind the sounds of the bush. I recorded the vocal in Bali with my friend Iris. We found a pamphlet about meditation which had been translated very badly through google translate from Balinese to English. It has a lot of very nice phrases which were accidentally very beautiful."

Tings will embark on a headline tour of Australia in December to celebrate the release of Salt Water. Head over to theGuide for more details.

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