PREMIERE: Mistress - Strong

4 March 2016 | 4:16 pm | Staff Writer

Greece-born, Australian-grown hip hop artist Mistress (a.k.a. Mistress of Ceremony) has just raised the bar with the drop of the video for her track Strong. 

Being labelled as the female emcee Australia has been waiting for, with a sassy persona and a refined, educated flow, Mistress is becoming recognised as more wholesome than some of her new-age male counterparts. 
Releasing music is tough enough without having to deal with predetermined ideals and stereotypes of the industry. She explains on the topic, "I think that art has no gender, that said though, I’m not completely oblivious to how female’s are perceived in hip hop… I want people to know that I’ll always be a writer before anything else."
The video clip for Strong is simple, with the emcee spitting rhymes with her squad in a plain white room and then in the back seat of a car. Check out the clip above!