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PREMIERE: Danny Yau - Do You Think We'll Live Here Forever?

23 September 2015 | 3:31 pm | Staff Writer

One-time aspiring comics artist-turned-professional musician Danny Yau has seen and heard a lot in his well-travelled years on this planet, and he's done a magnificent job of distilling moments and images into neat, easily listenable pop-rock tunes on his debut full-length, Do You Think We'll Live Here Forever?

The Music is proud to be presenting the premiere airing of the anticipated work, the first taste of which we were given with lead single (and album opener) Courtney's Moving To Newtown (To Start A Band), which tells the story of a girl that literally everyone knows, asserting itself as an accessible, relatable and intelligent slice of country-tinged pop goodness, an aesthetic Yau has wielded to expert effect throughout the album's 10 tracks.

Due out this Friday, 25 September, via Footstomp Music, Do You Think We'll Live Here Forever? will enjoy an official launch in Marrickville, at the Gasoline Pony, the following evening, Saturday, 26 September, in a joint event with fellow album-launchers Family Fold (they're dropping new'un Lustre Glo in kind). Fans a little further north aren't left out in the cold, either, with Yau headed up to Brisbane's Junk Bar to play a show with You & The Night on 15 October. For more information, see theGuide or check The Music App.

Now, hit play, kick back and listen to Yau's vivid tales, replete with track-by-track breakdown from the man himself. You're super-welcome.

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Do You Think We'll Live Here Forever? track-by-track 

By Danny Yau

Courtney's Moving to Newtown (To Start A Band)
Courtney, Paige and Emma are girls I know, who all love music, and are hella rock 'n' roll. They live in the Inner West of Sydney, the place with the late night pubs, the share houses, the restauraunts, the students...and it tickled me that they were on the same journey I was at 20, moving to that area. And I think of friends like Paul Andrews, who plays drums on the record, thinking of me as a young kid moving into the neighbourhood. I think Elton John calls it the circle of life.
Punch Drunk Love 
This song does not have an interesting story like the first one. I was feeling very romantic when I wrote it.
Stay Home
Casey - who plays guitar like a friggin' fiend on this record - laughed at this song, and told me it was the funny the things you write about in your 30s. And yes, there's no Parks And Recreation season 8....
The Inner West Misses You
Place names in songs are interesting. Does the word 'Jackson' actually have poetic power - or is it just that it's used in songs that we give it that power? A lot of this album was trying to work that out. I wanted songs to have a sense of place, but that sense of place could be anywhere. But this is probably more a love song for the neighbourhood I love so much more than anything else. Where I had many of my victories, and many of my failures. Drop by sometime.
Nightbus Home
When you first find that hip part of town, you can't stay. I would spend most nights of the week catching nightbuses down King St to take me home at all hours of the night. I see them now, the bunches of kids heading back into the quiet suburbs, dreaming about getting that Newtown flat. And those kids, and how they will have their first kiss on this street, maybe on the same corner where I had my first kiss. But also, how they might have their first KID at RPA, like where my son was born. That elton John circle of life song has so much to say, really.
Battle Of Victoria Road
My friend Steph goes overseas all the time. I'm not sure how she affords it. Whenever I catch up with her, she tells me about rock stars she's met, I tell her they moved one of the bus stops on King St a block or two.
There Is A Girl Who Always Goes Out
It's funny how many people I've lost to the suburbs. They all went back there. They met a boy in a band, got proper jobs, and that was a fun twenties wasn't it? Then there's those who stay...what happpens to them?
Lisa Caruso sings on this track. I really wanted this to be a big dramatic torch ballad. I love duets, although I think they are kind of a bit out of fashion now.
12 Girls
For a while there, the album was going to be called 12 Girls. In the end, I wrote a song with that title instead.
Unafraid Of the Dark
One of my favourite TV shows recently was 'Cosmos'. The last episode of the series was called Unafraid Of the Dark, and it was a clever play on dark matter (of all things). But I've been thinking about that term a lot, in particular during the Scottish referendum. How fear drives people, that uknown - the dark. How we don't know something, we don't trust it. It's something we need to fight against, and that term has now become a personal mantra.