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Prefix: Long Gone.

28 October 2002 | 1:00 am | Eden Howard
Originally Appeared In

She Sells Sanctuary.

Prefix play Spontaneity at the Capalaba Skate Park on Saturday.

Hard hitting local act Prefix have just released their debut double sided single Sanctuary/Gone, and this weekend they’re co-headliners of the Spontaneity Festival out at Capalaba. Vocalist Daymo answered a few questions about the band.

What would you say Prefix's sound is?

“Prefix's sound, well that’s a hard one. We have never really had one specific sound or genre, I guess we have always let people make there own judgement, I guess if you like intensity, phat sounds, feel and emotion at a somewhat schizophrenic nature, Then I guess you’d like our sound.”

Your new disc has just been released, can you tell us a bit about it?

“Well its not actually an EP, It is a CD single/sample promotional CD. It was mainly to give the punters something they can go on until our EP is launched. A Sanctuary For Itself is the first track and is one of our newer songs and Gone (second track) being the relatively older song we have. So it was kinda cool to see how people would perceive them both.”

I understand there's a second recording from your last sessions still to be released. Why didn’t you put it all out in one hit?

“We recorded four tracks and decided to put two songs out at a time , over a period of time... this keeps consumer interest up without having to continually record... people get a good little taster of our music that they can afford... Plus we feel it's a good build up to a full blown EP release as we aren't giving a lot of material away by doing so.”

What can we expect from the band at Spontaneity?

“Everything Prefix are, Deepness, Non stop jumping vertical action with no bars held, we intend on making Capalaba rock the hardest, make the biggest noise and have some serious fun. It will be good to see there reaction as we haven't played Capalaba before. It’s an all round up and down emotional ride for us, we tend to give the people what we are feeling, and go from there. Its funny watching Headliners in past years like Sunk Loto and Superheist, and two years later playing to the crowd that we were once in... it feels pretty weird, but pretty awesome at the same time.”

What influences you? What drives you to write music?

“Personal influences are from other bands like Deftones, Lost Prophets and very inspired by Local bands like King Mungi, Tempus, Ochre, Mellodessey and The Butterfly Effect. We aren’t really influenced by genres of music though, I guess what we write is what we feel like writing at that time. I had a guy come up to me once after our set and give me the biggest hug and said ‘thankyou’. After asking what for his reply was very basic. ‘for understanding’. To make people feel what we feel when we are playing is very important to us. We are quite fortunate to be able to do that. That’s what drives us.”

What's been you're best on stage experience? 

“Collectively it would have to be playing the Main Stage at Rapid this year at a nice time where we could consolidate a nice crowd... and we did! The vibe was very happening and we seemed to have all eyes on us, we used it to our advantage and had the most fun ever. There’s hundreds of them to come. Look out!”

What's coming up for the band?

“Besides the Spontaneity Festival there are CD single launches and heaps of shows including the Waterloo Hotel in December with Ochre and Melodysey. Late next year we are planning on releasing our first EP so writing and refining our music is a big priority. We recently picked up sponsorship with Surf Skate Australia Brisbane and that’s bound to lead us to different avenues...”