Polaris SMASH Biggest Ever Headline Show At Reunion Park In Melbourne

7 March 2022 | 4:15 pm | Christopher RoeseLili Jean Berry
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Friday night at Reunion Park in Melbourne was a night to remember. The stacked lineup included Mirrors, Justice For The Damned, Alpha Wolf & headliners, Polaris, who showed every attendee why they have catapulted to the top. HUGE doesn't even begin to cover this festival sized event & lineup. Fans were not left disappointed & no one would be mad about being able to re-live this night over.

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Coming off the back of a massive hometown headline show, Mirrors started the night off well and truly set the tone. The four-piece held their own on a stage this size, inhabiting it like it were any other. There were 'raise your hands and sway along to Patty Goodmans god damn angelic high vocal' moments. As well as weighty breakdowns that please any mosh pit. Mirrors are on the fast track to becoming a name everyone knows.

Justice For The Damned followed. They are a rampant machine that cannot be stopped. It doesn’t matter you put them on the bill, the pure adrenaline that comes from one of their sets is enough to wake the dead. A relentless wall of heavy sound that asks you to keep up with the energy of not just Bobakk Rafiee, but every member band who are giving it their all. Buckle up when you see them, it's bound to be a wild ride.

Next up & big enough to headline this venue comes a band that has had so many shows moved or cancelled due to the pandemic. But Alpha Wolf played like they have never had time off. Guitarist, Sabian Lynch was literally climbing the scaffolding commanding you to move your feet. There was a welcome assault of visuals that enhanced the experience and had each and every person in that tent, fan or not, shouting along to every word. Alpha Wolf have made it loud and clear, they’re here and they’re coming for the top.

Time to round it out with the headliners. Polaris have had many rave reviews already, and they showed up to tell us again that it’s all written for a reason. This band are where they are because of their explosive live show & they proved that on Friday night. The pure energy and professionalism that they bring to their set is something truly special that has to be witnessed. They involve you like no other band does and almost make every show feel unique and made for you. Nothing hits quite as hard-hitting as hearing the whole band stop, only to have the tent filled with the roaring sound of everyone in attendance performing their songs back to them. They played nearly every song from their 2020 sophomore album 'The Death Of Me'. They have been relatively shafted in their ability to get out there and play this record live so fans were HUNGRY to hear these tracks. The 75-minute set blasted from start to finish and if this is how Polaris are kicking off the year, we can’t wait to see what lies ahead. This Sydney 5-piece deserve all the hype they’re given & it's time to get on board. LFG!