Personal Best Records: Toby

15 March 2016 | 3:21 pm | Staff Writer

Best record you stole from your folks’ collection? Definitely Pearl from Janis Joplin. This is the album that made me want to be a rockstar!
First record you bought? Sadly, it was Hanging Tough from New Kids On The Block. Got to love a boy bands, right! Many hours of dancing in the mirror to this album.
Record you put on when you’re really miserable? Damien Rice's 0. Cranked up, tears flowing, wine glass full. And you feel even more miserable at the end of it. But also completely inspired to write! 
Record you put on when you bring someone home? Ohhh, let’s go a bit of Marvin Gaye - nice and sexy and sleazy and smooth.
Most surprising record in your collection? Whitney Houston. All the way. All you need is a bunch of girls to join you. 
Last thing you bought/downloaded? Glen Hansard. I love him. Going to see him live tonight in Holland with my band. He is beautiful. 
When and where are your next gigs? Sat 26 March, The Carine; Tue 29 March, Ellington Bar
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