Personal Best Records: Diesel

1 February 2016 | 10:43 am | Artist Submission

More Diesel More Diesel

Answered by: Mark Lizotte

Best record you stole from your folks' collection? Dad had a huge jazz and blues collection and I had siblings who bought records too, so I didn't have to steal!

First record you bought? Jimi Hendrix — Smash Hits on cassette in the secondhand bin. 

Record you put on when you're really miserable? Elliot Smith — Either/Or. Sometimes you need to get down further (in a good way) to come back up again.

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Record you put on when you bring someone home? Al Green — Let's Stay Together. If you don't like Stax, I might have a problem with ya'.

Most surprising record in your collection? Steve Reich. It can make people leave early which can be handy sometimes… 

Last thing you bought/downloaded? Kurt Vile — B'lieve I'm Goin' Down.

When and where are your next gigs? Pieces of Americana album preview tour: 5 Feb, The Bridge Hotel; 6 Feb, Newtown Social Club; 5 Mar, The Basement.