Peninsula Picnic Focus: Darren Middleton

3 March 2016 | 3:38 pm | Staff Writer

What would we find in your dream picnic basket? Prosecco, marinated olives, cheeses, crackers, cured meats, Turkish bread, homemade hommus... maybe some fruit as well.

What's your favourite wine to bring on a picnic and why? Well... for the most part, a cold Sauvignon Blanc. I just find it pretty much perfect when picnicking. Otherwise a Pinot Noir in winter.

What are you most looking forward to about Peninsula Picnic? The whole day really... I LOVE a food and wine music festival. Possibly the three most complementary things in the world! I'm really looking forward to seeing Missy play again, she is one of our gems.

What do you think about one-day boutique festivals like this where the food and drink component is just as important as the music? Oh sorry, seems I have answered that above! However, let me reiterate... I bloody love them. I think it brings a real harmonious atmosphere to the day. People move around, they listen, dance, rest, eat, drink... all balanced out. Looooooove them.

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