Paul Greene: The X Miles.

4 November 2002 | 1:00 am | Eden Howard
Originally Appeared In

Ways Of Our Lives.

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Paul Greene plays the Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay on Thursday, The Winery, South’s Leagues Club on Friday and Ric’s Café on Saturday.

Last time Sydney based performer Paul Greene was in town he was flaunting the merits of his debut release The Miles. A mere matter of months later he’s back, and toting a new album entitled This Way, not only meeting the high standards set by his last release, but leaving it far behind. The former Olympic athlete turned guitar slinger took some time to answer a few questions about the new recording and life on the road.

What have you been up to since your last Brisbane stop over back in June?

“A National tour from Brisbane to Perth and back, the new album This Way, I have been working on a new live album which is kind of half-finished. I actually had a couple of months off gigging in which time I helped my beautiful wife/manager/publicist, Kate, organise the business the side of the album with the tour and all.”

Can you tell us about This Way?

“This Way, son of The Miles… It is accumulation of everything I have learnt in the last few years, and I am very proud of it. It is the first time I feel like it is a real band, with Angus Diggs (our very own aria winner of Brosman/Lang fame) on drums, Josh Schuberth on bass, My old mate Marcus Webb on keyboards. We have all had a chance to leave our distinctive signature on the music. Again it is still completely independent and I feel like it is closer the folky roots that I hold so dearly.”

Did you set out to take your music in different directions to those explored with The Miles?

“Yes. The Miles was really stripped back, in budget as well as content. I think it is essential to develop or progress. I also produced this one, which was scary, but I am addicted to it now – producing was a process that I really enjoyed.”

Do you ever have any regrets for trading athletics for seedy life of a working musician?

“Who said seedy? Poor yes, worked to the bone yes, but you must understand… I love this, and for Kate and me it is all we want to be doing right now. We have such a good time on the road, the surf board and fishing rod are always in the van and we try and make touring a lifestyle as much as a job. So no… we don’t have any regrets.”