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Stranger Danger, Time Travel & More: On Tour In The US With Pat Chow

3 April 2018 | 1:20 pm | Ashby Ranson

"Everything is a little hazy after that."

Dear diary,

I’m writing this sitting in the back of a second-hand church van on our way to St. Louis. We’re two shows deep into our eight gig, 10 day North East US tour.

Prior to arriving in Nashville, we spent three nights in LA. It’s hard to be sure, though. After landing we immediately started having some beers and everything is a little hazy after that. 

Arriving in Nashville was like being transported to the '70s. Orange, brown and mustard walls and carpets. Even wooden rocking chairs next to baggage claim. My mother always warned me not to get in a van with strangers, yet there we were, watching it approach and wondering what the next there weeks would be like. A hand emerged from the passenger seat window and formed a rock'n'roll sign and we knew everything would be alright. 

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Before the first show at Radio Cafe in Nashville, The By Gods we’re generous enough (again) to let us use their rehearsal space. Our Uber driver on the way there asked about the band and although we never said we were famous, we definitely didn’t correct her. I think somewhere between Goldy deciding to play corners and arriving at our destination, Abbott West Self Storage, the illusion had faded. 

I was reminded of an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine while walking through the corridors of the storage units. We got so lost trying to find the right one but eventually, we did. We walked into the 5m x 5m room and I felt like I’d walked on to an Austin Powers set. It wouldn’t have been surprising if a disco ball descended into the velour curtain, red-lit room. There may as well have been a button that caused the drum kit to flip over to be a love heart shaped bed while Smooth Operator played. 

Our second show was in bowling green Ohio, or so Ben said on stage to the crowd. They thankfully found it endearing. To my disappointment, there wasn’t a bowls club in sight (we miss you, NPBC). Although one of the guys at the gig told me to smile more after our set; it led me to bond with local drummer, Riley. We spoke about the struggles being a female-identifying musician. It comforted me to know that even in a small town on the outskirts of Kentucky (where we actually were) there are badarse chicks fighting for equality. 

Another honourable mention goes out to Prince's Hot Chicken, which somehow led to Ben getting a gold tooth fitted. 

I can now 100% confirm that Southern hospitality is legit. George, Natalie and Tye have been so generous and accommodating. They’ve lent us all their gear, let us sleep in their living room and driving us around the country. We are so grateful to have this opportunity and we’re having a blast!