NYE Focus: Craptallica At The Oldie

18 December 2015 | 4:38 pm | Artist Submission

Answered by: Joel Morrison, band booker/suds slinger/resident soak

What will be special about spending NYE at your venue? Every night at The Oldie is special. This will be especially special. Members of Cherrywood/Tankerville/Graveyard Train/Flour/Ohms join forces to become a five-headed drunken beast called Craptallica, playing only early Metallica. Could be good. Might be crap. Will be special.

What is your fondest NYE memory? The bits between the blackouts. Also once I found a valid bus ticket.

What is your NY resolution? To get the Old Bar presentable to open on New Years Day.

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What should I be drinking to ring in the new year? Mighty Unicorn Lager

Next year will be the year of... the unicorn

What is your hangover cure? Stubbornly pretending my hangover doesn't exist. Heading straight back to The Oldie.

Ticketing link: theoldbar.com.au