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No Idea: Don’t Know It Alls.

4 November 2002 | 1:00 am | Bianca Valentino
Originally Appeared In

Beer We Go.

No Idea play the Gabba Hotel on Friday and all ages at the same venue Sunday afternoon.

No Idea are a three-piece punk rock band from Melbourne that have been paying their dues over the last six years. They're just about to release their first full-length album Don't Know Yet. I talk to drummer Carl about what's taken them so long?

“That's what happens when you go with an independent. I think the guy that was doing it bit off a bit more than he could chew with a few bands and we come second best a few times and now it's time. It's not something we'll do again though 'cause we know we can get a lot more done ourselves. But that's just the fun with an independent label they can't always afford to do the stuff you want to do. It's been two years too long. It's called Don't Know Yet, cause we actually didn't know what to call it. At one of the first few gigs we did there was this guy in Ballarat who became one of our mates and biggest fans. He had to have the first copy of everything, the first t-shirt and the first badge. He was a pretty weird dude so we just went with using him on the cover. It's a picture of him taking a shit on the toilet in the thinking position, hence the 'don't know yet’?”

On the new album there are a few guest vocalists.

“Being in the scene as long as we have we have a lot of friends high and low, none of them more so then the other we treat them all equally. We're not about name-dropping but what we wanted to do was to bring all our friends together 'cause we thought they were just as much part of our music. We've got The Lads and I think there might be a couple of Charter 77 boys doing backing vocals, and Steveo from Area-7. A lot of people we wanted to do it couldn't due to work commitments as you get older you actually have to fucking work.”

The State Of Disrepair tour features a State Of Origin style match up with one band from each East-Coast state of Australia; Vicious (QLD), Run For Cover (NSW) and No Idea (VIC). I ask Carl why Victoria should win?

“Cause all the best beers come from Victoria. You haven't got a match unless you've got a hooligan and the only way you get a hooligan is if you get enough beer into him and the only decent beer comes from Victoria.”