Newtown Festival Focus: B Wise

26 October 2015 | 1:36 pm | Artist Submission

"There will be no chill... Front and centre all day dancing, my friend!"

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Answered by: James Iheakanwa

Presumably you've been to the Newtown Festival before, what's your best memory? I've never been to the festival before but have heard many good things. This year I want to create new memories while performing for hundreds out in the sun.

What's first and why — music or stalls or bars? When I attend, bars come first! Gotta get right then head straight to the music, then hit some stalls middle of the day.

Favourite spot at the festival to chill and watch the world go by? Chill? There will be no chill... Front and centre all day dancing, my friend!

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What would be your entry into the dog show? A chihuahua. My friend has one and he always wins over everybody with his charms.

Aside from the festival, what are your favourite Newtown locations? Fadez Barbershop and Zanzibar.

Why do you think your music is a good fit for the Newtown Festival? My music is warm, crowd interactive and hype. I always try to add a little bit of openness and culture to my sets, which is definitely what Newtown is about.

If you were to enter Miss Newtopia, open to any age or gender, what would be your secret to winning? It's a toss up between my dry humour or Michael Jackson dance impression. I'll have to assess the situation on the day.

When and where are you performing on the day? 2.30pm, Essential Stage.