New Music Ethan - Friday 22.04.22

21 April 2022 | 10:52 pm | Staff Writer
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New Music Ethan brings all the New Music Friday goodness early to all the good metalcore girls, boys and NBs! Ethan Downey-Parish lives in the future (aka New Zealand) and EVERY WEEK he brings you all the New Music dropping on New Music Friday, before anyone!

FRIDAY 22.04.2022

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Follow the playlist below!

New albums

Northlane - Obsidian
Bodysnatcher - Bleed - Abide
Caliban - Dystopia
Ocean Grove - Up In The Air Forever
Undeath - It’s Time…To Rise From The Grave
Hindsight - Let’s Not & Just Say We Did
Skull Fist - Paid In Full
Static Abyss - Labyrinth of Veins
Armory - Mercurion
Audrey Horne - Devil’s Bell
Crossplane - Fastlane
Credic - Vermillion Oceans
Kill The Lights - The Sinner (Deluxe Edition)
NinDjent0 - Mario Kart 64
Bowling For Soup - Pop Punk Snot Bread

New EPs

Guerrilla Warfare - Control
Vanum - Legend
Somali Yacht Club - The Space
Sugar Spine - Mirror Talk

New singles

Static Dress - fleahouse
The Wonder Years - Oldest Daughter
Boston Manor - Foxglove
Revoid - Noise in My Head
Waxflower - Misaligned Love
Alexisonfire - Reverse The Curse
Vatican - Reverence
Bring Me The Horizon x Sigrid - Bad Life
The Dark Alamorte -Tusk in the Abyss
Conjurer - Rot
Heart Of Gold - Leave Just Yet
Veil Of Maya - Synthwave Vegan
Architects - when we were young
D.R.U.G.S. - Brighter Side
Paledusk - BBB
Ratking - Panic Station
Red Handed Denial - White Water
Lucrecia - Mementos
Drastic Park - Deadline
Citizen - Bash Out
Tallah - The Impressionist
nothing, nowhere - MEMORY_FRACTURE
Silver x Blood Command - Luciferase
Monstasteries - Lilac
Future Palace - Defeating Gravity
Dead By April - Better Than You
Begotten - This Suffering
Begotten - P.W.M.D.
Brojob - Goodbye
IMMERSE - Chemical
Relapse - Desensitised
blacktoothed - So Real
lil sleepy - Demon Teeth feat. No Face No Case
Cut Short - A Familiar Face
Those Who Dream - One Of My Kind
Soreption - Död Jord
Lunchtime - Demented Glue
coldrain - Calling
Grumpster - Fever Dream
Spirit Adrift - Sorcerer’s Fate
The Algorithm - Multithreading
The Safest Ledge - Healing Pool feat. Aaron Gillespie

Reimagined/Instrumentals/Live etc.

The Armed - Ketamine (Ultrapop Remix)
Isotopes - WYWFM (Acoustic)
We Came As Romans x Brand Of Sacrifice - Darkbloom

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