Mojo Burning Festival Focus: NARLA

29 February 2016 | 4:58 pm | Artist Submission

Act name: NARLA

Answered by: Nick - Guitarist

What's your favourite thing about the blues/roots/rock/stoner scene? It's such a supportive community. You share the stage with your mates who you admire and are influenced by. There is no bullshit, everyone goes hard which pushes you to be a better musician and songwriter.

What's the most rock'n'roll thing that's every happened to you? The police pulled the power at an "illegal" gig so Clay ripped a massive drum solo in the dark while Jack got a call and response going. Fuck da police.

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What's your dream rider? We are pretty stoked with a few beers and a feed aye.

Which other bands at Mojo Burning are you keen to check out? Can't go past Transvaal Diamond Syndicate and The Royal Artillery. I'm very confident we will be blown away by most of the lineup!

What can we expect from your set at Mojo Burning? Some new material we have been saving for Mojo, a lot of hair and some charm.

What time and stage will you be playing at Mojo Burning? No Filler Stage - 4:15pm