Mind Over Matter Tour Diary: Part One

30 September 2013 | 11:03 am | Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter arm-wrestle and skull beers on live TV - the perfect kick-off to their national tour.

The month leading up to a tour is always filled with anticipation, and the Somebody's Love Tour has been no different.

We were lucky enough to play at the Sounds Of The Suburbs festival in Cronulla weekend before last which was the perfect way to kick start the tour. It was a hot Sydney day and the crowd was at capacity for an awesome afternoon of art and live music.

Raise them hands!

Being one of only two hip hop acts on the predominantly rock and punk filled line up, we were absolutely stoked with the reception we received on the main stage. We had the full cast in action for that show, which included myself and Smiles Again, Dj Ntaprize, K.I.K.I, and our good friend Ernst Carter Jnr (who will be joining us on the whole tour).

This isn't freaking me, not at all...

We opened to Ernst singing a rendition of Meatloaf's Anything for Love which then burst into an Irish Pub Rock Anthem of our own we like to call This Wonderful Life. I think the crowd were a good combination of confused and intrigued – mission accomplished. During our set a few auspicious police officers did a walk-through of the crowd with a sniffer dog. This ironically occurred right before we played Rolladoobieup, a rendition of a Method Man and Redman's marijuana anthem How High. During the last song of our set I decided to jump up on one of the massive speakers side of stage. It was actually quite high up which was a great view over the packed lane way, but was way scarier than I thought it would be and the worst part was that I had to keep playing like it didn't worry me one bit. I made it down without a spinal injury which was great because we do have eight more shows ahead of us on this tour. We finished the set in great fashion and then enjoyed the rest of the afternoon checking out other artists such as Chance Waters, Goons of Doom and the Bleeding Knees Club.

Cheers to skulling beers!

That was all in the lead up to our first 'official' show of the tour in which was at the Workers Club in Melbourne last Friday night.

We all flew in to Melbourne the afternoon of the show, and headed straight to an interview we had lined up with Speaker TV. That went really well, Smiles and myself even had an arm-wrestle at the end of it and being the skinny vegetarian I am, of course I lost and had to skull a beer - never ended an interview like that before.

We had locals Tys and Gio as supports, and they did a great job of warming up the place for us. It was great to be playing material from our new album for the first time, and everybody responded so well to it which gets us really excited about releasing This Way To Elsewhere.

Happy chaps.

It was a great show to kick-off the tour, especially being that it was on AFL Grand Final weekend.

Next week will be playing our home town of Sydney at Spectrum on Oxford Street, Newcastle on Saturday night and Batemans Bay on the Sunday. Be sure to stay tuned in for all the antics!


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