Melodyssey: Coasting.

29 April 2002 | 12:00 am | Eden Howard
Originally Appeared In

Unchained Melody.

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Melodyssey launch their self-titled EP at the QSM Basement on Wednesday and play instore at Skinny’s from 1pm Saturday.

Despite it’s relative proximity to sunny Brisvegas, there’s surely bands from up around the Sunshine Coast that punters here are not to familiar with. Melodyssey is not one of those bands. In fact, they’ve been quite busy getting themselves out and about, scoring major support slots with bands like Unwritten Law, Strung Out, Killing Heidi and the Frenzals to name but a few. And that’s before you tally up the countless gigs they been plugging on a local level, forming an integral part of the Brisbane hard rock scene.

“Up around the coast here it’s good to play with some of the bigger bands, because it does bring people out of the woodwork,” vocalist Lance explains. “We get a lot of exposure out of it, and people are pretty open-minded. It’s good to break things up. All the local bands are pretty good mates. There’s been a real scene growing for about a year now.”

As evidenced by the number of bands putting CDs out each week, the ranks of whom Melodyssey are set to join when their EP hits the streets. Lance explains the basis of the bands sound.

“The styles are very diverse, we try and put a lot of things into it because all our tastes are very different, so we just blend it all up, and it all comes together with what you hear on the CD. I’m into stuff like Muse, Deftones. Our guitarist is into things like Dream Theatre, Pauly out bass player is into things like Primus. Our drummer listens to anything from Dave Matthews band to Incubus, things like that.”

The by-product of such a range of tastes and styles is what you head on Melodyssey’s self titled debut.

“We just sit in our practice room together and throw the ideas back and forward. We disagree, we agree, we disagree, and what comes out if everyone’s input. We all play different instruments as well. We all play a bit of guitar, and bit of drums and whatever. So we’ve all got a viewpoint on how it’s going to come out. It just comes out, and that’s why our songs are pretty diverse. Everyone’s happy.”

Originally the band also featured a turntablist and since his departure the band is focusing more on putting together big sounds and solid songs.

“Our sound is more melodic. It is going in a different direction.”