Melbourne Fringe Focus: ['fraktʃəd] fractured

14 September 2015 | 12:55 pm | Artist Submission

Answered by: Adam Miller

Describe your show in a tweet: Visually stunning and inspired by media coverage of children in detention, this powerful work explores how we all try to make sense of an irrational world.

Why did you decide to do Fringe 2015? This production represents the culmination of a three-year training programme as part of Verve Studios' Professional Actor Studio. We pride ourselves on giving our actors real-world experience to prepare them to for work in Melbourne's vibrant arts scene. Fringe provides the perfect platform for audiences to see these talented actors at the beginning of their careers.

Tell us a bit about the creative team working on the project: Written by Adam JA Cass and directed by Peta Hanrahan, this multi-award-winning team leads a cast of exciting emerging actors. The cast consists of Amy Firth, Nicole Morgan, Natalie Pillar, Josh Vasilev and Danelle Wynne. Having been integral to the creative development of the play, each actor brings a wide range of experiences and skills to the production, enhancing the narrative and depth of characterisation. All of these elements are brought together under Canada White's exquisite lighting design, which makes use of the unique space at Club Voltaire Gallery.

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Website link for more info?

When & Where: 15 — 20 Sep, Club Voltaire Gallery