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Melbourne Fringe Focus: Bits Of Us

14 September 2015 | 5:08 pm | Artist Submission

Answered by: Laura Buskes

Describe your show in a tweet: As the audience you will play voyeurs to the memories of two people. It's like taking a trip down memory lane, while on acid, and your bike is a Luck Dragon.

Why did you decide to do Fringe 2015? It was 'time'. I needed to produce something that I could look back on and say, "Hey, I did that thing." I mainly do improvised theatre so I wanted to create something that I could edit and fine-tune into something new and exciting.

Tell us a bit about the creative team working on the project: Myself and Tim Quabba. We're good friends who do a lot of improvised comedy together with The Improv Conspiracy. We both have pretty wild ideas and strong philosophies on love and life so we sometimes get a little off track.

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In a fantasy world, who would you be the love child of and why? Bill Hicks and Amy Schumer. Bill is a cynical bastard who tells it like it is and doesn't care what anyone thinks, and Amy has a similar, fierce attitude that demands attention. But Amy is more playful, curious and actually has faith in humanity. I think I'm a mix of those two.

Website link for more info?

When & Where: 26 Sep — 3 Oct, The Improv Conspiracy Office