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Melbourne Fringe: Dan Pavatich

14 September 2015 | 1:32 pm | Staff Writer

"I think our lives are just one big attempt to work out who we are, which is inherently funny. And if you don't think so, that's ok, you can come laugh at me."

Family is also an integral part of the performance, and it's fair to say Pavatich is by no means short of material. "There were lots of stories I knew had to be in the show. How my family went bankrupt, and the details surrounding it, and some key relationships. My grandfather stealing the door off of a refrigeration truck and others."

That said, talking about people you're close to on stage can be tough."There are things that my family and I have never discussed after the fact, and I'm putting them out on stage. That's meant I've had to go back to my family and ask them about times in our life that weren't all rosy, but the result has been I've learnt a lot about my family. Got told a lot of new stories about my grandfather and father."

More than anything though, the process has made Pavatich a more well rounded human being. "It's a funny show, but it's also very honest. I'm proud of who I am. There's some life lessons I wish I didn't need to learn, but they all put me where I am right now, which is great."

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What: Dan Pavatich: Big Strong Boy

When & Where: 18 — 25 Sep, The Improv Conspiracy Office