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Melbourne Fringe: A Touch Of Grace: Shadow Warrior

15 September 2015 | 4:12 pm | Staff Writer

A Touch Of Grace: Shadow Warrior
, Demi Sorono draws from her personal experience of moving to Australia as a young girl who knew not a word of English. Using dance as a medium, the show demonstrates the importance of the arts. "[It] provides the opportunity for other sectors to engage with the arts for positive social change," Veltre says. "[The project] utilises hip hop dance and music to creatively explore the contemporary immigration experiences of young women.

"[It] presents women in a positive and empowered role in the hip hop scene. It adds to the quality and diversity of this genre and highlights equality and inclusivity."

A diverse creative team helped piece together the production, including a big name in Australian hip hop production. "The project was designed to be presented in partnership with Victorian Immigrant & Refugee Women's Coalition MOSAIC Festival, a women-led multicultural festival for young people and the wider community. With the support of MC Julez and Phunktional, Demi has developed a physical theatre performance with an original score by MC Julez, one of Australia's leading hip hop music producers."

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The importance of other sectors engaging with the arts to create social change is what Veltre believes makes Melbourne Fringe the best platform for A Touch Of Grace: Shadow Warrior. "Melbourne Fringe is the perfect fit to premiere this show. Both Phunktional and Fringe hold similar values which focus on connecting communities through creative arts practices. We decided to produce an already successful show under the Fringe banner to open up our audience reach and develop new partnerships with the Fringe community… The best thing about Fringe festival is that it showcases a wide range of shows that can make any boring night into something never before experienced."

What: A Touch Of Grace: Shadow Warrior

When & Where: 18 — 26 Sep, Main Theatre, Lithuanian Club