Meatstock Butcher Wars Focus: Georges Fine Meats

4 February 2016 | 3:28 pm | Artist Submission

"I work six to seven day a week; no need to train."

Answered by: Ray

How did you get into the butcher business? Started off as a cleanup boy after school at 14 and a bit. Then after finishing high school I did my apprenticeship and I never left!

If you had to choose, what would be your favourite cut of meat and why? Lamb cutlets.

What will make you the winner at the Butcher Wars? Have you been doing anything to prepare for the comp? I work six to seven day a week; no need to train.

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Which bands/artists are you keen to catch at Meatstock? All of them.

What else are you looking forward to at Meatstock? Spirit of the whole day in seeing what other butchers across Australia New Zealand do differently.