Meatstock BBQ Wars Focus: Shank Brothers

4 February 2016 | 12:38 pm | Artist Submission

"Mates cooking with mates."

Answered by: Ralph Barnett.

How did you get into the barbecue business? Mates cooking with mates.

What's your signature dish? Anything that has eyes and four legs. Love to smoke any section of pig, beef or lamb. Cedar smoked salmon with smoked whiskey honey. Killa chicken lollipops are a standout.

Can you let us in on what you're bringing to the BBQ Wars? Top secret, sorry.

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Which bands/artists are you keen to catch at Meatstock? We'll be tending our pits for most of the time but hope to catch whoever is on stage during our quiet periods.

If you could feed any band/artist playing at Meatstock who would it be and what would you serve them? The Beards are the only band we worship. Every member of the Shank Brothers also has a beard.

What else are you looking forward to at Meatstock? Hanging with teams, catching up with Jess Pryles.